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Located in Dayton, Ohio Larson, Lyons & Al-Hamdani is a top-rated Ohio immigration law firm. The firm’s mission is to assist businesses in hiring and mobilizing skilled global talent, to identify effective immigration solutions for families, fiercely represent those threatened with deportation, and help vulnerable foreign nationals to find the humanitarian protections available to them.

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Finding An Immigration Lawyer Near Me

Finding An Immigration Lawyer Near Me

Locating a good lawyer who can efficiently help with your immigration questions may not be easy. Don't expect to locate a good lawyer just by simply looking in the phone book, searching the internet or reading an advertisement. There's not enough information in these...

The #1 Immigration Mistake that Foreign Medical Graduates Make

The #1 Immigration Mistake that Foreign Medical Graduates Make

Approximately one quarter of the country’s physicians are foreign medical graduates. Physician immigration is one of the most complex areas of U.S. immigration law, requiring coordination between multiple government agencies. Due to the complex nature of physician...

Adjustment of Status for Spouse on a Visitor Visa

Adjustment of Status for Spouse on a Visitor Visa

Frequently, a potential client, who is a U.S. citizen, asks if their spouse from [insert country of choice] can enter on a visitor visa and then adjust status. Well, the answer to that question, like many others in the law, is “it depends.” Immigrant Intent at the...

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